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How much Velocity and CONTROL Will you be bringing into the Spring Season?

If you’re ready to take the necessary steps towards developing a powerful arm, or an explosive swing… Apply for the Velocity Development Research Program Right now to experience training that consistently produces 3-7mph on throwers arms and 8-10mph on hitter exit-velo…

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Just 15 Athletes will Undergo the Most Advanced Velocity based Strength & Performance Training in the Bay

  • Max-Effort Strength Training

    To activate the Central Nervous System and Recruit Maximum Muscle Tissue

  • Dynamic Effort Speed & Power Training

    To increase the rate of force Development & Amplify the Stretch Reflex

  • Specialized Throws and Swings

    To develop the correct timing and transfer of power

  • Power Yoga & Restoration

    Increase Circulation & Nutrient Supply, aiding in recovery and building flexibility

  • Joint Articulation & Integrity

    Develop Superior Joint Range of Motion and Articulation keeping the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees & ankles performing and healthy

Apply for the Velocity Research Program

Strength & Power Sessions, Specialized Throws and Swings, Kinetic Chain Development & Velocity Monitoring Awaits just 15 of the Area’s Most Dedicated… Are you in?

Typical Performance Results

In the EIGHTH GEAR Velocity Development Program

  • 4-12lbs of Skeletal Muscle Mass

  • 2-3 / 10ths off 60yd Dash

  • 8mph Avg Off-Tee Exit Velo

  • 2-3 / 10ths of Home-to-First Base Times

  • 2-10ths off Pop-Times

  • 5+ Inches on Vertical Jump

  • 1.3 Feet onto Standing Broad Jump

  • 30% Increase in Maximal Strength

  • 50% Increase in Total Body Power Output

  • 40% Decrease in Risk of Injury

Every Day our ball players are seeing major return on investment

WARNING: These are Actual Texts, and the Excitement can Be Explicit

So How do Athletes Train at S8?

And why shouldn’t we use the Sport Specific Training styles promoted by so many?

We use a what is known as the Conjugate Method. This means every week we’re Working on Speed Strength, Explosive Strength, Maximal or Absolute Strength, Mechanics, Core Development, Mobility and Specially Design Recovery through Yoga, Body Tempering and Myofascial Therapies. So why do we take this approach?

We must be careful not to overspecialize in Strength & Conditioning for baseball; because using objects that are many times heavier than a ball or bat while trying to mimic the same action of the throw or swing – will quickly affect technique, timing and coordination, and potentially destroy mechanics.

HOWEVER Heavy loads must be moved to activate the Central Nervous System and to illicit new Strength – the key is in breaking down the biomechanics into specialized variations of lifts that build strength & power in the ranges of motion necessary for the athletes specific role in the sport.

What Makes the Conjugate System Superior for Baseball

  • Avoid Over-Specilization by utilizing specialized variations of exercises that target the key muscles used throughout the kinetic chains
  • Athletes will Peak 52 weeks of the year achieving game-ready performance in-season, off-season and pre-season
  • Achieve high levels of Absolute Strength & Ignite the CNS for maximum power out put
  • Amplify the Stretch Reflex and Increase the Rate of Force Development and Acceleration through the use of the Dynamic Effort Method & Accommodating
  • Advanced Regenerative Exercise and Restoration methods to heal and prime the athlete for competition
  • Weighted Shot throwing to teach the transfer of power through the kinetic chain without affecting technique timing and coordination of the throw or swing.
  • Strength & Power Training system Based on the Physics of human movement
  • Major focus on developing the lower half, trunk and back producing positive disconnection and power transfer
  • Advanced arm and Joint care using Oscillating Kinetic Energy

Will Throwing Weighted Shots Negatively affect my Throwing Mechanics?

No they will not. The shot is used because the object is thrown using similar planes of movement and joint angles to initiate force production from the lower body up the kinetic chain. This allows us to teach athletes to “throw with their lower half” without causing any over use by throwing even more than they already do, and at the same time, develops joint integrity and explosive force production.

Will the program teach me how to throw?

This program is designed to take higher level throwers and throwers that have developed solid throwing mechanics and or are producing competent mechanics, and teach them to throw with intent, use their lower half and to transfer lower body and core power up through their backs and out of their arms.

This system is ideally suited for athletes that can continue to throw regular baseballs on a consistent mechanical development regimen, and or take part in a throwing regimen using heavy / light baseballs no more than 30% heavier or lighter than a traditional baseball.

We are strength coaches and biomechanics specialists that are focusing solely on both the production of and the transfer of explosive power in the correct ranges and leverage angles necessary to produce high velocity and accurate throwing.

Will this program cause damage to the Rotator Cuff?

The shot put by nature is a rotational, linear, and lateral movement and one of the most dynamic acts of force production and power a human can display. It requires balance and the athlete to generate rotational force and transfer the power created up through the kinetic chain, and out of the front of the body in a overhead motion.

Due to the weight of shots the athlete must throw with the lower half as the shoulder cannot produce the power necessary on its own to move the object. This is unlike baseball where a strong athlete can and many times will muscle the ball and whip the object using much more of the upper half compromising the UCL, RC and Labrum.

Won’t Getting Stronger Make me Tight and Alter Mechanics?

This is by far one of the most ridiculous misconceptions ever to make it into the baseball world. A misunderstanding of human physiology and human biomechanics is really what this is. Simply put:

What happens if a skeleton is handed a baseball or bat?


This is because locomotion or movement in any direction is initiated by the human central nervous system, and executed with a powerful combination of muscle, tendon and ligament  action… You see the very act of winding up to throw a ball takes strength and power, that is to create a stored energy and build a stretch reflex that in ables the athlete to uncoil with explosion…

Short tight muscles are bad for any human being, and those are not a result of building strength and power, those are the result of poor training and Coaching malpractice…