Built 4 War


This 8 Minute crusade is truly a grinder. From the 3rd round or so, as the time slams off your clock or digital timer, you begin sweating profusely, even though you’ve just finished a short 5 minute warmup and you’re now a mere 2 minutes in to your Crusade, you feel the burning in your lungs, the swelling in your muscles;

Your core expands and contracts, expelling c02 and drawing oxygen so violently from the air around you that a candle flame within 5 feet of your granite-bound-physique would be suffocated by.

You hit the ground, and grab the cold rough steel of the kettle bell for your next set of Tactical get-ups and you realize something… staring into the sky you’ve found the way your body was meant to train…

Your about to be BUILT4WAR.

The Program

So here’s the deal Athletes and WarTeam Members – You’ve got an 8 minute Crusade ahead. A war on mediocrity in it’s truest sense.

You’ll start with a 5 Minute dynamic Warmup focusing primarily on the hips glutes and posterior chain.

Then you’ll move into your Work: 8 Minutes of Hell…

4 Exercises | 8+ rounds | 8 repetitions each | no more than 8 minutes.

  1. Kettle bell Russian Swings
  2. Kettle bell Military Press
  3. Kettle bell Slingshot
  4. Tactical Get Up with Russian Kettle bell

Track your results on the sheet provided below ( you can download it by clicking on the button ) and record, your weight, total reps, the number of rounds achieved for each exercise, and if you have a PUSH Band – your Total Tonnage and Total Work.

Finish Up with some light rolling and static stretching, and in a total time from start-to-finish of less than 20 minutes, you’ve incinerated 200-300 calories, achieved TRUE Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption and built strength and power worth of a Warlord.[/text_output][x_video_embed]

Click here to Download Built4War