Speed Training is a combination of strength & movement skills that when combine allows an athlete to move at higher speeds in multiple directions. Nearly every team sport can greatly benefit from speed training especially football, baseball, basketball, wrestling and soccer.

For years it has been believed that speed was something an athlete was merely born with, sports science has proven over and over again that this codlin be further from the truth.

The key is within the physics of movement; Generating a high speed while moving in any direction requires an athlete to produce a certain ratio of power & strength compared to his or her body weight. The stronger the athlete is compared to their weight, the more likely they are to have a potential for high speeds!

At S8 we specialize in speed & power development and build our speed training systems around the physics of performance. Using a SCIENCE based approach, we guarantee our athletes get faster.

Muscles Responsible for Speed

Throughout the strength & conditioning industry, the term “Posterior Chain” is thrown about haphazardly; however most coaches haven’t the first clue how to program a routine that effectively targets and develops the musculature and soft tissue that makes up the “posterior chain.” Much Less, effectively train those muscles in a way that positively affects and athletes speed.

How can this be you ask?

Well the primary reason for this is what I like to call the good ol’ boy network, but we’ll address that in another article, But the major factor here is a lack of education and experience in three key areas: Pysiology, Biomechanics, and Application. And yes this stems from “strength coaches” at the professional and collegiate level, all the way down to your basic entry level high school coach.

Don’t believe me?

Ask your / your sons current strength coach or whoever is in charge of their strength and conditioning, What the primary extensor of the torso are? Do you know what they are? well…

Hamstring Strength

I’m an American through and through. I love steak, bleed red, white and Blue and think big, faster and louder is generally better.

But one thing that isn’t better – is our “Sports Science” or what we know as exercise science.

The Russians, Bulgarians and Chinese have dominated in strength and power for 50 years, and the Jamaicans crush us in the short distance sprints.

This is because our Exercise Science education is lacking by 40+ years, as evident by things like banded accommodating resistance and static dynamic contrast training just recently being “explored” by the people we coin as the leaders in our industry.

News Flash

The Russians and Chinese and Bulgarians have been using this stuff since the early 60’s and our athletes are paying the price for it. But not anymore.

We read physics books, and study their every move so we can innovate and implement the most concrete and next level strength and performance available to athletes before they even get to college, when they need it most.

Use this Russian leg curl to develop those hamstring strength like a monster, because they are the muscles responsible for forward propulsion -> faster sprinting and jumping.

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Upper Body Speed Drill

Not many “drills” really make you faster. 

Truth is, Those guys you see down at the park hitting ladders like spastic kids in a Disney arcade on the dance machine might look like they are “on the grind” but the real work is done in the weight room and one stride or running mechanic at a time.

This upper body speed drill that we call “Arm Cycling” teaches your body Rhythm and timing in your upper body mechanics and more importantly demonstrates just how much extra momentum and power your upper body can create in a sprint, break away, or pursuit.

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Why Speed is a Product of Strength

Speed is affected by multiple factors and Running mechanics can be a monster. Most athletes have no clue how you’re supposed to run, and what’s more, coaches constantly tell kids you’re born fast or slow.

While it’s true athletes are born with varying percentages and proportions of fast twice fiber and slow twitch, ANY athlete CAN get drastically faster then they are naturally with correct development in the weight room and on the turf or track

If they couldn’t why would Olympic sprinters like Usain bolt have the best strength and speed coaches in the world at their disposals?

Case in point this kid Kyle Kramer has taken over 4 Tenths off his 60 yard and continues to gain weight while getting incrementally faster because we focus on two primary factors: stride length (strength) and Stride Frequency (CNS Development)

In addition – honing of mechanics and the development of stabilizers, joint integrity and elasticity of the major muscle groups are imperative to producing the correct angles and posture allowing the athlete to be capable of optimal speed and acceleration. But the real ground is gained (no pun intended) because of the increase in strength that Kyle is Experiencing.

We have a very direct approach when attacking an athletes speed, and that approach boils down to this simple equation:

Body Weight to Dead Lift Ratio.

Now most parents and uneducated coaches are instantly in an uproar over this term “dead-lift” because they have heard from a  friend or colleague or they themselves, experienced an absolutely terribly executed “dead lift” while having zero development in the posterior chain or understanding of biomechanics and injured themselves or someone else.

That is for another article though. The fact is, as the ratio between bodyweight and deadlift strength increases, speed & power output and overall athletic ability increases dramatically.

This is because the primary mechanics of the dead lift and the affected muscle groupings involved in the dead-lift are the SAME EXACT muscles called upon by the body when requiring an explosive jump in any direction, a powerful first step and even in decelerating and changing directions from high speeds in a split second.

to put this in layman terms, Movement by our body in any direction is resisted by the earth gravitational hold on us. Basically a rate of one times our body weight. So a 225 pound athlete, must be able to produce more than 225 pounds of force to move in a given direction.

However, as the rate of speed the athlete moves increases, the g-forces (gravitational pull) on the athlete increase – so – to accelerate, the athlete must now produce a force greater than the percentage of gravity resisting the athletes movement.

Because the deadlift is the most pure form of removing weight from the earths surface in an explosive factor, it translates into the athletes ability to separate him or herself from the ground in an athletic situation. Most simply, in a sprint.