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Muscles Responsible for Speed

As a young athlete I defied some of my coaches for two reasons; One I was an asshole who needed a role model not an fat guy in a golf cart telling me that running gassers would make me a better football player. And two BECAUSE I studied the body and physics.

I was told jumping rope and building my calfs was stupid. And said coaches shook their heads as I followed the advice of a couple pros and what some top high schools in our district were doing with their guys.

Then I became faster than any linebacker on my team as a defensive end.

They stopped calling me stupid.

The truth is there are three major muscles responsible for speed, and in general Forward propulsion is generated by massively powerful calfs, #Glutes and #Hamstrings in order to sprint faster these two exercises generate tremendous hamstring propulsion and calf extension as well as core stabilization and “packing”

In addition this is a phenomenal dynamic warmup for athletes that activates the CNS and preps athletes to use the muscles they were designed to use for sprinting and squaring.

And yes, proper squatting should use your glutes and hams, quads are deceleration muscles if you don’t know that you shouldn’t be coaching anyone in the weight room.

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