Hey Guys,

Coach Green Here. The world is a busy place. You don’t always have time to eat right while on the go.

Luckily we wanted to send you some quick tips to help keep you going without any nutritional loss along the way. Below are four snack ideas that only take minutes to make with nutritional value that is hard to come by:


Hydration is tremendously important. It’s the oil for your body that runs throughout quite literally working every muscle in every limb and internal function your body has. Sodium is key to maintaining this throughout.

Tip: Dink water with some sodium in it, or coconut water on the go. This will keep you from becoming thirsty while still keeping hydrated.



The combination of vitamin E and vitamin C will help prevent macular degeneration. The major contributor of blindness.

Tip: Slicing up strawberries and adding almond (or peanut) butter on the slices of bread. Makes for a delicious sandwich and a great source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C!



Vitamin D absorbs calcium in a unique bone-building process. The combination of the two go hand in hand as they compliment the others work.

Tip: For a quick breakfast, try a broccoli and cheese omelette along with a cold glass of orange juice.



Everyone needs more energy throughout the day. Well soluble fiber stays in the stomach longer after consumption and provides a longer and extended energy source. It also keeps you from over eating throughout the day!

Tip: Steel Cut oatmeal with brown sugar and a cup of black coffee in the morning should only take 4 minutes to make!

If you like any of these, give them a try and add them to your diet. Tell us what you think at support(@)strongeight.com or follow our cast iron kitchen below


*This content provided above is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.