The first question I usually get asked by coaches and athletes is what does STRONGEIGHT mean. Here in the simplest of ways is the answer: 

I was always the strongest athlete in the weight room. Not because I was physically gifted but Because I would out-train my teammates.  

I wanted to have the strongest athletes of my time. 

I also believe you need strength in every area of life to succeed and handle all the curveballs that life throws you.

There are 8 special strengths along the force-velocity curve. 
More importantly, in the Bible, the number 8 symbolizes new beginnings, and is a number of hope.

Strength and the hope of New beginnings is what pushed me through my younger years.

I could and plan on writing a book about my youth as it was filled with drugs, violence, attempted murder in front of me, and more. I was bullied for being overweight, always moving, and having no Money. 

I was 13 and had just gotten punched in the face when I came to the internal realization that I had to get strong or I was going to keep getting pushed down and one day I wouldn’t get up. 

That day, something inside of me changed the path of my future. 

From that day forward, I would get pushed down-time after time again. I was homeless sleeping under a bridge.

I had to walk 13 miles to get from one job to the next. 

But none of these broke me, instead, I planned and I executed. I failed and I learned. 

And here I am now, owner of STRONGEIGHT, the largest baseball training facility in Florida and now the largest marketing firm for Sport Performance gyms. 

I am also the owner of Viribuz Media, a marketing company for lawyers and medical firms.

I don’t tell you this to brag. 

I tell you this because strength and new beginnings are the story of my life & it is why ‘I will never die”.

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