The Most Proven Strength & Performance Facility in the Bay.


Developing you into the Elite Level Baseball or Softball Player you desire to be is our business; we think you’ll agree, the minute you walk in our front door.


We are a high-end Performance Development Facility specializing in a Physics Based System of Strength & Conditioning known as “The Conjugate Method” and have become the only Facility in the world Vetted and Recognized for the use of the system with Baseball and Softball Population.


Combining a physics-based approach to increasing strength, power, velocity & speed, with the most advanced system of Movement & Joint Development in the world Known as “FRC” along with a staff that specializes in Over-Head and Rotational Athletes, we have become a nationally recognized leader in the Baseball Performance Development Sector.


Boasting a Weight-Room with over 100k dollars in Strength & Speed Equipment, Recovery tools, Clinical level Body Composition Analyzers, Hittraxx, Infrared Speed Screening Systems, Biomechanics Analysis software, Indoor and Outdoor training space, cages, iron mikes, mounds, and more.

Simply put, we are at war with the archaic, outdated, and scientifically inferior approach to American Sports Performance; and more specifically the Myths, and Smoke and Mirrors surrounding the development of Power & Velocity and Strength & Conditioning in the world of baseball.

Our mission at S8 is to make such a profound impact in Athletic Performance Development that the system we employ the “Conjugate Method” Becomes what the Governing Institutions, and Academic Bodies of Human Performance in America, Accept, Adopt and Teach as The Standard of Strength & performance Enhancement

We will accomplish this by producing performance results, clinical trials, studies and research in the area of biomechanics, movement, strength, velocity, power & performance – in levels and volumes, so undeniably and un-contestably superior – that our name Becomes synonymous with performance enhancement in Baseball and athletic development at the highest levels of professional sport & sports science.

S8 was founded by JJ & Kristi Morris nearly 5 years ago. Brining JJ’s experience using this specialized method of Strength & Performance Based around the Science of the Force Velocity Curve, and Kristi’s Pediatric Medical Background and Critical Care Experience together – They’ve Been able to systematically enter and become nationally recognized leaders in Strength & Performance Related to Baseball and Softball.


The reason for their success is truly in the system employed at S8, which relies HEAVILY on what matters most – YOU The Athlete.


This sounds cliche, but the success is in the numbers… You see, rarely if ever do most “big box gyms” or “performance facilities” track and analyze the data from an athletes training program (much less individual workouts), and when they do, it may be quarterly or by the season at best. At S8 however, every single exercise, set, rep, and pound you move is rigorously tracked and recorded and processed – during EVERY workout that takes place.


The data from your workout is then taken and compiled every 3 weeks, where we compare your results over the previous 3 weeks of progressions; and the next “3 week wave” is then built off of only the most effective parts of the previous program.


Our competitors, test records once a season, or sometimes a year, allowing them to reprogram and adjust their system once or twice in a 12-month period. Put Bluntly: This means we are progressing your programming, and your system of training 15-30 times faster than them.

“This is the best investment we have made in our son’s development. Baseball has become a metric driven sport... The S8 Conjugate system has produced significant increases in explosiveness, speed, throwing velocity, and exit velocity. These results were achieved in a very short timeline. He has achieved physical strength that will allow him to compete at the Division 1 level. We highly recommend this program to any high school baseball player who has the drive and desire to transform their game”

Kelli Welch
Athlete Parent

"The team at STRONGEIGHT take a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals. The coaching style energizes you and challenges you to get the most out of your workouts"

Alfredo Lebron
Our Client

"These guys get results and that's all that matters. Knowledgeable coaches that walk the walk. If you are even remotely near them I encourage you to join them and let them change your life"

Corey Knight
Our Client

"Our twins have been part of the S8 family now for just over 6 months and everything they do speaks volumes of success from the dedicated passionate direction from all of the trainers."

Terry Wagoner
Athlete Parent


Our team of qualified, and experienced strength & medical professionals are dedicated to one goal: challenging the outdated programming & research and flawed theories of mainstream strength & conditioning in America.

JJ Morris

Director of Performance, Co-Founder

-15 years of Experience
-Trained under Tom Shaw and became Nike SPARQ certified -Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach and Contributing Researcher
-Leader in Isometric and Static overcome by Dynamic studies

Kristi Marie

Director of Health, Co-Founder

-Critical Care Pediatric RN
-Functional Range Conditioning Mobility specialist
-In charge in joint development, strengthening and injury prevention

Matt Wesoloski

Strength Consultant, Assistant Strength Coach

-Pitcher at University of Tampa-D2 National Champs 2 years in a row
-Trains in the S8 system
-Marketing and Strength Coach Intern

Jesse Smith

Head Strength Coach

-2x wrestler in the Florida State Championship
-D2 Offensive Lineman
-Currently in school for his
Bachelors of Kinesiology -Has been training at S8 since his sophomore year in High School