Athlete Uses Strength Training To Build 40 Speed

In order to build speed, you have to have to incorporate strength training. Think about an athlete with very little muscle mass on their body versus an athlete who has an exceptional amount of muscle mass for their age.

Which athlete do you think is going to be able to strike the ground harder and be more explosive pushing their self further and faster with every step? The stronger athlete of course. Strength Training then – is a precursor to speed … but why?

A coach can have an athlete run speed drills all day every day…

But if the athlete does not have the strength to produce the power output he needs to actually be fast, then the drills are useless.

That’s because Speed is a product of strength Training.

To be the fastest, most explosive athlete, they must work out in the weight room with programs that are perfectly designed to increase strength in their glutes, their hamstrings, their calves, the entire Posterior Chain and the Hips really. They need to train the triple extension, so they can be more explosive every time they strike the ground.  Their core needs to be engaged, so that their shield can remain tight with every step.

Take our standout athlete Bailey Brooks as an example.

We worked strictly on strength with him during the off season with very minimal speed training days, and he took off four tenths from his 40 yard dash.  Now during pre-season training, we will utilize his newly built strength during speed training days to take even more time off.

This strength training all transfers into a more powerful, more explosive Brooks on the football field. This has led Brooks to being recognized by many scouts and colleges.

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