The Importance of Pelvic Mobility

One of the single most over looked, over-tightened and underdeveloped areas in athletes today is the pelvic region. From anterior pelvic tilts, to stricken gluteals, to weak adductors – most of the athletes we see have a multitude of dysfunction going on throughout the entire pelvic area. in short Pelvic mobility is a HUGE factor for athletes…

We preach this routinely, and practice it vehemently

but it goes without saying, that even the most dedicated of athlete has to leave the training room sometime. With the rigors of school, study, practice and competition as well as social media drawing on young athletes already stringent schedule – education is critical to provide the athlete as well as the parent and coach with the arsenal necessary to stay not only healthy, but supremely agile, balanced and INJURY-FREE.

A major part of what we do is teach, and to teach a major part of what you must do is learn. The video below demonstrates an incredible hip tracking and pelvic mobility protocol, that we will be implementing with our athletes.

As in every area of my success as a Strength Coach, I attribute 85% + of the systems and protocol I’ve developed – to spending hours studying, reading, listening to, and watching the worlds most brilliant and no-bullshit minds and this post is no different.

It is also worth noting that the mobility and range of motion gained through pelvic mobility drills like this one will play a major role in the development of speed, due to both increase in potential stride length, and structural stability in the low back / posterior chain / hip socket!

Please watch one of the strongest and brightest men in the World demonstrate this incredible system of mobility and release for the pelvic area of you / your athletes and add this to your arsenal.

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