Everything You Need To Know About Training With STRONGEIGHT

General Training Questions

Strong 8 offers indoor batting cages for the public’s enjoyment and use on the following days and times: 4p-9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 4p-8pm on Friday. 9am-1pm on Saturday. Our batting cages come complete with hack attacks, batting tees, pitcher’s nets, and Rapsodo technology. It’s a great way to casually improve bat speed and have some fun.

The athlete or parent can go online, contact us by phone, or email us to sign up for a consultation. We will set up a time for the parent(s) and athlete to meet with our director of performance JJ Morris. During the consultation, JJ will assess where the athlete places physically, the athlete’s goals, and what the athlete’s schedule looks like. JJ then details our training process and how we can help the athlete reach their goals through sports performance coaching.

Our sports programs include Baseball Training, Softball Training, Soccer Training, and Football Training. We also offer Speed Training and Mobility Training & Therapy.

Parent Questions

No. Athletes do not need any special equipment to participate in a sports training program. Any equipment needed is available at our athletic training gym.

We can design a full training program based around an athlete’s injury. Injuries and rehab needs will be discussed in the initial consultation so that we can properly assess the training and conditioning needs of an injured athlete.

This can actually put an athlete at an advantage! An athlete that comes into our athletic training programs with no previous sports training is a clean slate with no bad workout habits to amend.

One of our experienced and highly skilled staff members or strength coach interns. See our About Us section for more information on the Strong 8 sports performance coaches.

Participant Questions

We coach athletes starting at 7 years old and up.

Absolutely! There’s no better time to start sports performance workouts and training than now. We will schedule your workouts, conditioning, and lifting schedules to fit around your game schedule.

If you expect to be absent for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation or sports related traveling), we provide travel workouts to help keep you in top form!

This is dependent on which sports training program an athlete attends. Athletes who participate in our Baseball Program may see results in as little as 4-6 weeks!