Everything You Need To Know About Training With STRONGEIGHT

General Training Questions

To answer this I would like to refer to some recent medical research that has been conducted and published, both by John Hopkins and The American Pediatric Association – updating their position on Strength & Resistance training in late 2016 to say the following:

“Athletes competing in organized team sports should begin organized resistance training regimens as early as they become competitive in team sports, as young as 7 Years of Age.”

If this is your first question when researching a Speed, Strength & Performance Program, we are not your solution. We’re not shy about what we charge, but we believe the Return on Investment you’ll receive on our Systems are exponentially better than our competition.

The gaps and holes we see in an athletes “Team workouts” are horrendous. Not to Bash the coach of any team in any sport; but lets get one major point straight… The science of the human body is a VASTLY more complex area of expertise than any sport coach would be able to devote time to, as his or her time is largely consumed by managing and organizing and teaching a team of athletes how to play their sport.


At the highest levels of performance these two areas are treated as equal and independent departments. It should be no different for the developing youth athlete, however time and resources pose a major obstacle.


We work closely with the athlete, the parent, and when willing – the coach – of the athlete to ensure we’re developing the performance attributes the player and coach need for the athlete and the team to excel, and many times this means filling in the gaps in a training system that a coach is trying to implement, yet has a lack of time or resources with his or her athletes.

The long answer to this is: all sports.

The Conjugate systems were originally derived by Russian sports scientist for over 45 different sports and events beginning in the early 70’s. Since then, Louie Simmons and his Colleagues and the “Test Subjects” at the infamous WESTSIDE Barbell have been testing and developing and implementing these systems on athletes from nearly every individual and team sport there is.

And they’ve done so to the tune of Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists, World titles, Super Bowl Championships, Collegiate Champions, over 140 world Records from multiple Sports and the list continues.

At S8, we fervently research & specialize in Two Sports

  • Baseball (All Positions)
  • Softball

But have had success with:

  • Soccer
  • Football: O-Line, Defensive Skill, Big Skill (linebackers/ends), Lineman
  • Throwers
  • Sprinters 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m
  • Jumpers
  • Combat Sports and Tacticians / Tactical Applications

Because of the versatility & the laws that govern our system of training; we are experienced and able to work with most Team and individual Sports including Lacrosse, Basketball, Swimmers, Golfers, Distance Runners, and etc.

  • 7-11 Years – this is the General Preparatory Phase
  • 12-14 Years – this is the Developmental Phase
  • 15-21 Years – this is the Transformation Phase

Programs are built to the physiological age and needs of the athlete, not just their birthday. In other words, your athlete may be more accelerated or further behind in his or her development as a physical performer.


The athlete must rise to his or her level of competition and the athletes individual genetics, and physical development dictate what they need in a training and development environment