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I’m an American through and through. I love steak, bleed red, white and Blue and think big, faster and louder is generally better.

But one thing that isn’t better – is our “Sports Science” or what we know as exercise science.

The Russians, Bulgarians and Chinese have dominated in strength and power for 50 years, and the Jamaicans crush us in the short distance sprints.

This is because our Exercise Science education is lacking by 40+ years, as evident by things like banded accommodating resistance and static dynamic contrast training just recently being “explored” by the people we coin as the leaders in our industry.

News Flash

The Russians and Chinese and Bulgarians have been using this stuff since the early 60’s and our athletes are paying the price for it. But not anymore.

We read physics books, and study their every move so we can innovate and implement the most concrete and next level strength and performance available to athletes before they even get to college, when they need it most.

Use this Russian leg curl to develop those hamstring strength like a monster, because they are the muscles responsible for forward propulsion -> faster sprinting and jumping.

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