Baseball Training

Physics-Based Strength, Power and Technical Development for Building Elite Level Power & Velocity.

S8’s Baseball Training Program can deliver results in just 4-6 weeks! We start the conditioning and training process at its core: improving the physical strength and condition of the athlete first and foremost. This ensures a strong, bullet-proof base upon which an athlete can build necessary skills like pitching, batting, and other positions pertinent to bringing the team to a win! Once that base is developed through strength training and conditioning, we work to develop and perfect the athlete’s skill.


Our pitching workouts and drills are built on the science of the force-velocity curve. This allows us to improve pitching velocity and pitching strength for explosive power. We approach our pitching program at its core – the strength and condition of the pitcher’s body. Our focus on strength training protects the pitcher from joint injuries, over-training, and fatigue. When the ball is caught in one of our athlete’s mitts, it’s game over for the other team.

Position players

We improve an athlete’s bat speed through strength training and conditioning the player for stamina overall to improve bat speed. Through the science of the force-velocity curve, our baseball training program allows us to condition players for strength, stamina, and power. Our baseball velocity training ensures that, from the moment the ball meets bat, the player has what it takes to make a home run.

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At S8, bullet-proofing and protecting the athlete at the start of the season is one of our top sport-specific training focuses. That’s we focus on building up the strength, stamina, and condition of the body as our main priority. An athlete can’t improve upon a specific baseball skill until his or her body is in peak condition for performance. The body is the root of how well a player will do on and off the field. A good baseball training program is so much more than pitching velocity and batting speed. It actively works to protect the players themselves.

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