Soccer Training

The science of the force-velocity curve helps prepare soccer players for the intensity of the game. S8 combines this concept to a key in-depth training program designed to build the core of the athletes themselves. Different muscle actions and groups have anatomical properties that cause many soccer coaches to ineffectively train their athletes, putting the players at risk for injury. At S8, we not only focus on increasing the speed and agility of your soccer player. We also focus on building up their core strength to be able to perform better and use proper techniques to reduce the risk of injury.


Speed and agility are prime components of a good offense for any soccer team. In many games, wins or losses are dependent on the ability of the player to turn quickly. To improve this skill in any soccer player we combine the specific soccer skills of speed and maneuvering with building the strength and mobility in supporting muscles.


While many soccer programs focus on the importance of the offensive players in any soccer team, it could be argued that the defensive positions are of prime importance. Teaching soccer skills that protect the field and the goal from the opposing team requires targeting exercises that help the players master their positions. Like with the offensive positions, the defensive positions require much more than skills training. Athletes need to develop their bodies to withstand the demands of the position and increase success on the field – all while protecting themselves from injury or fatigue.

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At S8, bullet-proofing and protecting the athlete at the start of the season is one of our top sport-specific training focuses. That’s why we focus on building up the strength, stamina, and condition of the body. An athlete can’t improve upon a specific soccer skill until his or her body is in peak condition for performance. The body is the root of how well a player will do on and off the field. A good soccer-specific training program is so much more than kicking power and running speed. A strong soccer program actively works to protect the players themselves. Our strategy works to improve strength, speed, and coordination while developing mobility and an active approach to safety. At S8, we focus on the development of the full athlete. We strive to be a part of their soccer journey and become a partner in their athletic success.

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