A major part of what we do at S8 for our overhead population is specialized arm care, and regenerative exercise that helps to stave off injury, regenerate soft tissues and move blood and lymphatic fluid through the circulatory systems [emaillocker id=”14403″] … our Performance regeneration systems include FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), ART (Active Release Technique), Yoga, Body Tempering, PAILs and RAILs (Progressive Angular Isometrics Loading / Regressive Angular Isometric Loading) and More.

These Advanced methods of Restoration and Recovery are carried out by our Director of Regeneration who is a Critical Care Cardiac RN, and Works Hand in Hand with our FRa/Chiropractor Dr. Moses Bernard.

Here we pay special attention to the Scapular System, the T Spine, and the Chest / clavicular region. We do this to keep the glenohumeral head functioning properly within the shoulder socket, as well as to help our throwers recover faster after high volumes of throwing.

We’ve seen large improvement in not only recovery time after competition, but also in the average velocity of our throwing population as well as increased command and a decrease in the occurrence of soreness and acute pain within the shoulder and elbow.